Did you know … Hypnosis is a natural state of mind?

And that you experience it quite often?

Let me give you an example or two …
Have you ever driven somewhere, arrived but couldn’t recall the journey? We’ve all done it, right? Well, that’s hypnosis. Your conscious mind was miles away but your subconscious knew what to do and go you there safely.
Or have you ever got so lost in a good book or tv show where something happened around you like someone falling over or coming into the room but you remained completely oblivious? Again, that’s because you were blissfully enjoying a hypnotic state!

Hypnosis is simply a state of relaxation where your conscious mind wanders off somewhere because it’s not required, but your innate, subconscious mind remains in subtle control, so should a child run out into the road when your driving, you’d be able to quickly bring your conscious mind back into action so you could react in milliseconds.
Isn’t that fascinating?
Rest assured, hypnosis isn’t a scary form of mind control by another person. It’s a natural and safe state of being ‘miles away’ that YOU are in full control of.
And it’s a powerful state to be in in order to change your subconscious programming from less than helpful to super aligned with your desires 🙂
Have you used hypnosis to start creating the life of your dreams yet?!

If you’d like to experience this for yourself at any time, ask me about Self Hypnosis techniques, or book a Hypnosis Taster session with me using tab above!

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