Dip your toe into the Akashic Records

I often get asked ‘What the hell are the Akashic Records?’ …
well, the simple answer …

The Akashic Records are an energetic library where all the life books of everything and everyone are kept.

You can visit this library to get a glimpse of who you have been before, where you have lived previously and what you have experienced in any of your incarnations.

So, the next question becomes, WHY would I go there?

Well, for me, initially it was just pure curiosity … I’m like the proverbial a cat! lol!
But you may have more useful reasons in relation to your current life to visit the Akashic Records …
You might go there to seek the answer to a question you have, or you might want to find the source of some physical ailment or emotion that seems out of place in your current life.

Whatever you go there for, know that you can access this library and read your books of life, whenever you crave …

And that’s what I love to help clients to do through hypnotherapy … either as a 1:1 session, a group session or a downloadable self-hypnosis meditation.

Many people are interested in having a Past Life Regression session but are fearful of what they may find, so I recommend starting with an Akashic Records visit to ‘get a feel for’ your soul’s journey on an intellectual level first. There is an objectivity that helps someone new to their past lives connect and understand what they’re seeing and feeling.

And I have one of those past-life-glimpsing Akashic Records introductory sessions lined up for September 23rd at Reflex & Reiki in Darlington.
I will be leading a very small group of people through a simple hypnotic meditation to help them to read a little of one of their life books in the Akashic Records.
This will be a safe, confidential, trusting space for 5 people to find out a little more about themselves in an informal setting with a trained professional.
And for only £10 per person.

I know you’re interested, so don’t dawdle, click the link to book your place before it sells out

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