7 Reasons to have a Past Life Regression

A Past Life Regression isn’t just something fun to explore and tell your friends about at a dinner party.

A Past Life Regression is a useful tool for spiritual and personal growth.
Here are 7 reasons why you should have a past life regression (with me!)
One. A past life regression can increase your self awareness and gives you the opportunity to know yourself better. Your strengths and weaknesses, your talents and skills, your likes and dislikes and your loves and hates can provide insight into your previous incarnations. Those things that come naturally to you; those things that were easy for you to learn; those things you’re obsessed with or drawn to like a moth to a flame … all of those things may have roots in a past life. You may be drawn to a specific period of history or of a  specific country – maybe even one you have never even been to – as a result of your past life experiences. A past life regression can unearth the past lives you’ve had in those places & during those times and reveal why it’s so important to you.
Two. A past life regression can help you to make sense of your dreams better. Have you ever had any really vivid and/or recurring dreams? These could be glimpses of a past life of yours. You may be experiencing something that happened to you at the same age previously or you may be shown something significant from a past incarnation. But it’s not just the outright experience of it that could mean something … the imagery and symbolism in your dreams may be indicative of relevant lessons you have learned in in the past or be drawing your attention to something that you need to learn in this life. A past life regression can help you to interpret & understand your dreams better. There’s also a chance your dreaming those dreams in order to balance out some karma somewhere along the soul’s line.
Three. A past life regression can be an opportunity to receive spiritual guidance & to connect with your higher self as well as your life’s purpose – then and now. No matter where you are along your spiritual journey, there is always something to be learned from having a past life regression, that can help you to evolve and grow even more deeply. I like to think of a past life regression as a kind of self-led spiritual life coaching session where you can be guided in a safe and confidential environment by an expert so that you can heal your body, soul and mind.
Four. A past life regression can help you to have better relationships. We all have those people in our lives with whom we have rocky relationships … and the closer they are to us, the harder it can be to walk away. A past life regression can help you to uncover why these people rub you the wrong way or why the relationship is more rocky road than plain sailing, through exploration of your joint history through time. Once you have uncovered the reasons behind the issues, you can take steps to change the patterns and finally replace the bad vibes with love and acceptance. Forgiveness is a soul growth special skill required to evolve.
Five. A past life regression can help you to identify your soul origins and your soul family. We tend to travel through our incarnations with the same souls whom we originated with. We learn lessons from these people and they help us to evolve and reach higher planes of existence during our journey. We also accumulate karma with these people, and can resolve it together too. Have you ever met someone for the first time and just clicked? Just hit it off immediately with? Then you may have been lovers in a previous lifetime. Or a person who you clash with may have been your parent in a previous life. A past life regression can help you to understand your relationships and uncover those people with whom you have traveled with previously.
Six. A past life can also clear the blocks you’re experiencing … for instance you may have. a rockin’ social life and your relationships are loving, but you may be skint all the time, never having enough money to live the life you crave. This could indicate where a past life could still be influencing you … and if you find during a regression that there are things that are still affecting you unhelpfully, you can release them and heal the block enabling you to grow and evolve.
Seven. A past life regression can also help you to understand and clear any irrational fears you may have in this life, which stem from a past life. For instance you may have an overwhelming fear of water but have had no experiences in your current life to justify it … it could be because you drowned in a previous life. A past life regression will help to expose the roots of problems and irrational fears, so that they can be cleared for you to move on, evolve and grow.
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