6 Reasons to DITCH your FEAR of CHANGE … with Hypnosis!

Change …

One word with the power to strike fear into many people.

I have come across people who are ‘allergic’ to it, others who ‘just don’t like it’ and many many more who simply ‘don’t do change’.

But change happens, (just like the proverbial s**t, I guess), so fearing it isn’t the best approach, especially if you want to live a life filled with opportunities, possibilities, and great success.

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool you can use to ditch your FEAR of CHANGE with ease … just relax & reprogram!

Although it’s uncomfortable – and we prefer to be wrapped up securely in our comfort zone blanket – it is important to learn how to embrace change, especially if you want to maintain a healthy mind and LIVE a LIFE you LOVE.

Here are 6 reasons why you NEED to embrace change in your life from now on:

1. Change is an inevitable part of life. It’s going to happen whether you like it or not and the sooner you accept that the better. The longer you try to hang on to what was and try to fight what is now, the more likely you are to be unhappy, angry and stressed. Long term denial of the changes in your life can even lead to depression and anxiety.

2. Change is not a bad thing. Change means that you are growing, evolving and becoming more like your Ultimate Self. It is proof you are moving forward and not standing still, wasting your talents and skills.

3. Change rarely happens without warning. Most changes give you the heads up beforehand so you can prepare yourself (should you be willing to do so). For instance, I have recently added an extra little person to our family which gave me nearly 9 months prep time. Another example, moving house, gives you from when the decision to move is made until moving day to prepare yourself for the change afoot, which could be months or even years.

Yes, there are changes that do come out of the blue that you cannot control such as a death or illness, but most changes come with a warning and cushiony time buffer.

4. You cannot change change but you can change how you react to it. Stop fighting and start embracing change by looking for the positives rather than the negatives in the given situation – this should be easy as there are usually more plus points. Get excited about the situation and remember to keep smiling. Being happy about the change ahead will minimise stress and anxiety about it and is key for a healthy mental state long term.

5. If you believe in yourself and your abilities and skills, change isn’t scary. Knowing you can handle whatever life throws at you – planned or not, positive or negative – removes the fear from the situation and gives you the confidence to make it through.

6. It’s only uncomfortable in the short term. It doesn’t take long to adapt to the uncomfortable changes. Within a few weeks you will not only start to see the benefits and the rewards of change, you will also find it getting less and less uncomfortable until it becomes your new comfort zone.


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Change isn’t so scary now is it? Not now you know these great reasons to let it into your life and experience the growth that ensues.

Next time change is afoot in your life remember these points and you’ll embrace the changes ahead in a stress-free manner with a smile on your face and a positive mental attitude.

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