There are 2 kinds of stress …

Good stress like when a little bit of pressure helps you perform at your best towards achieving a deadline.


And then there’s BAD STRESS … the one that has you irritable, tired, prone to anxiety, suffering low mood, eating junk food, causing breakouts, stopping you sleeping, and so many other crap things!

Stress has massive negative effects on ALL areas of your life … It affects your emotional health, your mental health, your physical health and your spiritual health.


But most of all, it blocks your HAPPINESS!

So, what you gonna do about it?
Carry on ignoring it until it becomes so bad you burnout?!
As someone who has burnt out and has had to face the consequences of NOT dealing with their stress levels appropriately, let me tell you now that it’s not worth putting it off!
Want to know what’s worse than rock bottom?...
Ignore your stress levels for long enough and you’ll find out … and trust me, you DONT want to experience that shit! It's 100x worse than you can even imagine!
I am NOT trying to scare the shit out of you … but you DO need to know how stress is negatively affecting your life right now!

Check out this article to see just how many ways stress (even mild stress) can be fucking up your life right now:

So, are YOU READY to take back control and CONQUER YOUR STRESS once and for all?

Are you ready to feel CALM? ... RELAXED? ... HAPPY?


Are you ready to have a CLEAR MIND and a CLEAR HEART?


It's time to nip stress in the bud NOW and ENROL in STRESSBUSTERS!

StressBusters is a package of 1:1 hypnosis sessions & guided meditations that does exactly what it says on the tin … it helps you to release & reduce your stress levels in the now, but it also helps you to better handle and deflect it in the future … in the moment it occurs & beyond.


There are 3 levels of StressBusters available, depending on your stress starting point …

** The most popular level is the mid-range stress level … you're stressed and feeling the effects on other areas of your life … some days are better than others and you’d rate your stress levels around 4-7 out of 10. This is a maintenance package to keep you balanced, stress-free and happy … it costs £200 and you get 6 sessions & 6 meditations.

** If you are Highly Stressed, have a high pressure job and would rate your current stress levels as 8/10 or more, you’ll benefit best from my top level package of 12 sessions & 6 meditations for £400 (BUT don’t stress more, there are payment plans available if you need them!)

** And if you’d class yourself as only a little bit stressed and would rate your stress levels at below 4/10, then you’d probably only need a booster package of 3 sessions & 3 meditations for £100.

** A PDF copy of my book,  Chill Out: How to be Happy and Find your Calm is a Stressful World 
** 35 Easy-to-implement Self Care Ideas to Boost your Happiness
** 10 scientifically-proven stress relief strategies
** Essential Oils for Stress Relief
** Crystals to aid Stress Relief

so, can I sign up if I live in Australia, the US or Peru?!

Of course! Hypnosis is just as effective ONLINE as it is IN-PERSON ... as long as I can see you during the session - most clients either prop their phone up against something or lay their laptop beside them - and you can hear me clearly as you rest in a place where you will not be disturbed by anything or anyone, there is nothing stopping us from making greatness happen around the world! I'm sure it's what the Internet was invented for anyway!

This program is fully flexible to your life but it works best with either weekly or fortnightly spaced sessions, using the audios daily in-between (where possible).

Can I gift this Package to someone for their birthday/Christmas, etc?

Of course! What an amazing gift you'd be giving them! You can buy a gift certificate for this program NOW over in my SHOP >>> CLICK HERE

So what are you waiting for?!

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It's time to finally BE STRESS FREE!

What if I don't see a good time for me?

Just drop me an email and let me see what I can do for you! Whilst I always try to accommodate everyone who wishes to work with me, I cannot always guarantee it is possible.

Got any other questions?

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