Whether you are an old hand to the Way of Spirit or someone newly awakened to the Spiritual Path, I offer a range of hypnotherapy sessions aimed at furthering and deepening your connection to your Spirit Self and the Spirit World.

It’s about discovering more about ourselves as a person in order to grow and to lead a balanced life which not only works in harmony with our feelings, our physical being and our mind but with our soul (or spirit) also.

Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Growth from Wise Woman Wellness
Connect with the Spirit World and Your Spiritual Self through Hypnosis with Gemma Venn at Wise Woman Wellness

Becoming a more Spiritual being is not about chasing some religion, it’s about knowing your self, your soul and the world deeper; its discovering your place and purpose within that world; and its using your gifts to better yourself and that world in which you live.

Becoming a spiritual being is about expanding your awareness, recognising your consciousness and embracing the energetic nature of all things.

It’s about honouring yourself deeply and honouring the Universe around you, and all it entails.

It’s not about finding yourself … you are here! Now! Isn’t that amazing?! It’s about recognising that and delving deep, so deep, into what that means.

All of these things help you to find peace, balance, happiness and joy in your life; to provide strength in the face of adversity, to take full responsibility for all your actions and to stand in your true power.

Your spiritual journey is a lifelong pursuit of growth, awareness and knowledge – 3 things the spiritual hypnotherapy sessions I offer are aimed at helping you achieve … because I want your soul to excel and to experience all this beautiful world has to offer.


A little client feedback …

To give you some idea, some of the sessions available and what they can help you with include:

** Connecting to your Spirit Guides in order to garner new knowledge and information about your self and your life. They can also help you to make decisions and cope with change.

** Discover your Spirit Animal is a fascinating session where your soul reveals it’s animal kingdom vision, which can help you to feel empowered, to feel more confident in shaky situations, and to simply satisfy your curiosity.

** Aura Protection & Cleansing to clear negative energies and any blockages in your energy field that are stopping you from moving forward in your life.

** Chakra Balancing so you can find balance and harmony in what may feel like daily chaos.

** Self Healing will help you to understand how your body can fix itself when pointed in the right direction.

** Unlocking your Intuition will help you to make better decisions, feel more comfortable in those decisions, and guide your life in alignment with your soul’s purpose in everything that you do.

** Akashic Records Visits are similar to Past Life Regressions in that you can discover more about the journey your soul has already taken, and the direction it’s heading in. If Past Life Regression is led by your heart, an Akashic Records Visit is more mind-based … good for all those big thinkers out there!

** Find Inner Peace is a session that helps you to do just that!

For a full list of sessions available, click HERE.

All sessions last approximately 60 minutes and cost £40 each.

Price includes an mp3 audio recording of the session for your personal use.

Whilst the majority of clients will find massive value in a single session, some of you may wish to dive deeper into these areas across 3 sessions (recommended), or even make it a monthly or quarterly ritual as part of your personal and spiritual growth plan. Whatever suits you works for me! … And if you book 3 sessions at once, there’s a 17% discount waiting for you at the checkout! 

Sessions can be done in-person in Darlington, UK. Or can be done remotely via private Zoom video link.


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