Badass! Confidence GIFT CERTIFICATES from £100

Treat someone you love to increased confidence & boosted self esteem this Christmas with a Gift Certificate for my signature 1:1 program, Badass! Confidence. Certificate is sent via Royal Mail 1st Class (or internationally via email) to the Paypal Account Holder's Address. Please note: the first session MUST be booked before 28th Feb 2020 or the voucher is voided.

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90min Past Life Regression GIFT CERTIFICATE £50

Treat someone you love to a Past Life Regression this Christmas & give them the gift of some deep Soul knowledge. Gift Certificate is sent via Royal Mail 1st Class (or internationally via email) to Paypal Account Holder's Address & is Valid until Feb 28th 2020.

Past Life Regression Self Hypnosis Audio £20

Instantly Download this Past Life Regression Hypnosis Session to safely explore a previous soul incarnation, & discover who you have been and where you have lived before with this 30 minute mp3 audio recording.


Bespoke Meditation Audio £20

Buy a personally-written 20-minute guided meditation mp3 recording using the imagery and areas of focus of your choosing, delivered right to your inbox within 5 working days


Review 2019 & Plan 2020 Workbook £3

Take stock of where you have got to in 2019 so that you can make plans for 2020 ... it's time you achieved all you crave in life and this is a handy workbook to help you to do just that! Consists of 32 pages and 24 journaling prompts! It's an Instant Download too!

Chill Out: How to be Happy & Find your Calm in a Stressful World EBOOK £3

You are most unhappy when you are stressed or anxious. You are happiest when you are stress-free and calm.
Happiness and stress are inextricably linked. Each affected drastically by the other - not just mentally but also physically.
Although you cannot eliminate stress and anxiety completely, you CAN learn to minimise the symptoms - both physical and mental - and learn how to deal with them effectively for a happier and calmer life.
In this book, you will find lots of easy-to-implement tips, techniques and exercise to help you to embrace happiness and find calm in your life.
Even better, everything you will learn within these pages can be implemented IMMEDIATELY, so there's no excuse to be unhappy and stressed any longer.