You want to be happy, healthy and wealthy. You want to have a decent career, a confident manner and be a fantastic parent. You want to lead with authenticity, to use your best skills and live a life that’s fulfilling, time-free and bloody amazing! You want to set goals AND achieve them. Am I right?! Well, did you know that hypnotherapy can help you to change your life for the better, to help your overcome your blocks and fears, and keep you on the path of success rather than lack?! Well, it can!


Personal Development and Growth is central to my life, and I know that you’re reading this right now because you love to learn, take messy action and excel in all areas of your life. And that’s what the hypnotherapy sessions I offer can help you to do … IMPROVE YOUR SELF AND YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER!

Here are just a few of the sessions you could take advantage of …

** Frustration, anger and stress release sessions help you to safely vent the stuff that’s boiling up inside of you. Stuff that may just explode like a volcano at the most inappropriate time if left to continue in this unstable manner.

** Confidence is key and I have a range of situation-specific sessions to help you to shine like the star that you are rather than continue to hide in the shadows. There’s job confidence, public speaking confidence, dating confidence, naked confidence and social confidence, just to name a few!

** Making changes in your life and need a little helping hand as you go? Well, what about a session to put you on a path to interview success, or to ditch the exam or driving test nerves, or even, to get over imposter syndrome in a new career? I have them all and more besides!

** And what about overcoming your addiction to social media, your mobile phone or gaming? Yes, hypnotherapy can help you to kick these modern habits that stop us from being truly present with those we love!

There are so many sessions on offer, the best thing you can do for your self and your future is to check out the full list of sessions here … and if you have any questions then drop me an email direct to


A little client feedback …

Many people experience amazing results with only one session, but for deeper learning and longer-term results then 3 sessions is recommended. You can even book one once per month or once per quarter as part of your personal growth plan. Whichever way you choose to experience your sessions, works for me … and just so you know, theres a 10% discount for booking 3+ sessions at once! 


All Hypnotherapy for Personal Growth Sessions are £40 each and last approximately 60 minutes.

This includes an audio mp3 recording of your session and a meditation to use afterwards to continue to support your session.

Sessions can be done in person in Darlington, UK, or remotely via private Zoom link.


To book your Session (or sessions!) simply click the button below.