A Past Life Regression is a hypnotherapist-led session that allows you to travel back in time to revisit some of your past lives or soul incarnations. It is achieved by distracting your conscious mind, the mind that is filled with all the busyness of daily life, in order to gain access to the subconscious mind, which is where all of your memories and experiences are stored. To do this, I will lead you into a state of deep and peaceful relaxation using hypnotic language.


So, why explore a past life?
Well, for many reasons, including (but not limited to) …

** Greater Self awareness and understanding.

** Deeper understanding of where you came from, or the things/places you are passionate about.

** Uncover the connections to those in your current life – including whether they are part of your soul group.

** Discover the root causes of ailments, aches and tendencies you experience in your current life.

** Dig into certain patterns of behaviours or emotions in your life, that my have been carried over from previous incarnations.

** Acknowledge and embrace your eternal soul and all the lessons you have learned along the way.


So, what do you need to know about Past Life Regression as a potential client?

** Whilst it is likely you will experience a human form, there are occasions where a past life may be as an animal. Keep an open mind as you come into the session.

** You WILL remember all of it. You are not asleep. You are fully aware, you’re just deeply relaxed. You will be able to answer my questions as we go and you can end the session at any time if you don’t feel comfortable or a blessing to handle what you are seeing.

A little client feedback ...
A little client feedback …

** You will be encouraged to write down as much of your regression afterwards in order to truly dig into it deeper and understand the patterns and lessons as your fingertips. Even the smallest snapshots can have epic meaning for you and your personal growth.

** You will remember more and more details in the days and weeks following your regression, as your subconscious mind steps up to show you more of your stories.

** You may visit one life, you may visit a few … it depends on what your soul decides is important for you to know right now.

** Some people will find all the answers they crave in one session and be done, whereas others may want a series of sessions to truly explore their past lives. Go with whatever suits you.

** I can’t guarantee that you will experience a past life, however it is very rare for someone to not experience something. Approximately 95% will experience a past life or two. It’s also important to note, that it might not be some grand movie show, it may just be a few small snippets, so please come into any regression with an open mind.

** It’s 100% safe and you cannot get stuck in a hypnotic state. If you come across a death or a traumatic event, you will not have to re-feel the pain again, you will simply be directed to observe rather than participate.

Past Life Regression sessions last up to 90 minutes  and cost £50.

This includes an mp3 recording of your session.


Sessions can be done in-person with me in Darlington, NE England. Or can be done remotely via private video link using Zoom.us