Are you ready to Unleash the Fearless, Empowered Lass within?

The one who lives every day with badass spirit ...

The one who makes positive choices & aligned decisions ...

The one who is comfortable in her mind, body & spirit?


BUT she’s been hiding for a while though hasn’t she?
She’s been crushed a little ...
she’s a bit dispirited ...
& she’s let other people dim her light with their comments & jealousies.


Now you’re ready to pull her out of the shadows, shake off the dust and show the world how fabulous she is!

You’re ready to ooze confidence & authenticity in body, mind & spirit ...

You’re ready to radiate with positivity & joy ...

And you’re ready to take control of your life back!


You CAN have ALL those results with Badass! Confidence ... a signature program from Wise Woman Wellness, led by Master Hypnotherapist Gemma Venn.

You CAN have ALL those results in as little as 3 weeks! 


"Your confidence levels will go from ‘meh’ to ‘amazeballs’ with this program!"


Badass! Confidence consists of 60min 1:1 Hypnosis Sessions delivered Online via Zoom or in-person at my practice in Darlington, UK.

But that’s not all! ... I am committed to getting YOU the BEST RESULTS POSSIBLE, so I am throwing in 25min hypnotic meditation audios to use in between sessions to support the main sessions & maximise your results.

So how many do I get?

Well that depends on how much you want to grow your confidence by & what your starting point looks like ... but I've kept it nice and simple for you, with these 3 options ...

** 3 Sessions plus 3 audios for £100 ... for those who only need a little bit more confidence ... for those who rate their confidence at 7/10.

** 6 Sessions plus 6 audios for £200 ... for those who have low confidence that's been going on for a while now ... for those who would rate their confidence levels around 5/10.

** 12 sessions plus 6 audios for £400 ... for those who would say their confidence levels are non-existent and have been forever ... for those who would rate their confidence right now at round 3/10 (or less).

I want you to feel SUPER CONFIDENT, and that’s why I am giving you these FREE EXTRAS as well if you ENROL TODAY (limited time only!) ...

** 30 Days to Greater Confidence Action Plan

** Confidence in 24 Easy Actions Tip Sheet

** A powerful confidence-boosting visualisation you can use any time you like to instantly up your levels on those low vibe days (... yep, we all have them, and it's ok!)

I don’t want to help you JUST throughout the program ... I want to empower you with tools you can use far beyond the boundaries of this program.

and Can I sign up if I live in Australia, the US or Peru?!

Of course! Hypnosis is just as effective ONLINE as it is IN-PERSON ... as long as I can see you during the session - most clients either prop their phone up against something or lay their laptop beside them - and you can hear me clearly as you rest in a place where you will not be disturbed by anything or anyone, there is nothing stopping us from making greatness happen around the world! I'm sure it's what the Internet was invented for anyway!

This program is fully flexible to your life but it works best with either weekly or fortnightly spaced sessions, using the audios daily in-between (where possible).

So what are you waiting for?!

Use the Booking Form below to SCHEDULE YOUR FIRST SESSION NOW!

It's time to finally BE that Super Confident Badass You!


What if I don't see a good time for me?

Just drop me an email and let me see what I can do for you! Whilst I always try to accommodate everyone who wishes to work with me, I cannot always guarantee it is possible.

Can I gift this Package to someone for their birthday/Christmas, etc?

Of course! What an amazing gift you'd be giving them! You can buy a gift certificate for this program NOW over in my SHOP >>> CLICK HERE

Got any other questions?

Drop me an email now to and I will get back to you as soon as I can!