WTF?! is Skypenosis?!

Did you know that Hypnosis can be done ONLINE via Skype or Zoom?

And that it is JUST AS EFFECTIVE too?!?

No matter how many miles or oceans are between us, WE CAN WORK TOGETHER TO SHIFT YOUR SH!T ONCE & FOR ALL so you can go forward and UPLEVEL YOUR LIFE!

’Skypenosis’, or for me ‘Zoomnosis’ (how cute is that name btw!) is a way for me to not only help people who have difficulties being outside the confines of their own home or locale (due to anxiety, panic agoraphobia or social issues) but it’s also a super helpful tool I can use to reach people who want to make epic changes in their lives ALL ACROSS THE GLOBE!
So, if you live somewhere truly remote, YOU CAN still have hypnosis sessions with me.
Or if you are just too busy with life and simply cannot make it into town at a suitable time for a session, YOU CAN still have hypnosis with me … and just imagine how pleasant it would be to have a relaxing hypnotherapy or meditation session after work and not have to drive home afterwards!
It’s also great for kids who feel more comfortable and relaxed in their own home but who need a little help with their stress or anxiety levels which going somewhere weird might actually have the opposite effect on!
If you thought you couldn’t work with me because you were out of reach, too busy or just wouldn’t feel comfortable deeply relaxing outside your home space, KNOW NOW THAT YOU ACTUALLY CAN!
As long as you have a good Internet connection, a phone/iPad/laptop, and a safe and quiet space to relax fully, then we CAN work together to solve whatever issues that are causing you bother, and/or gain the spiritual insights you crave that hypnosis can bring about such as past life regression or spirit guide connections.
So how does it work? I hear you ask.
Simple … you use my booking system to select your time and session type. You will then be sent a link to a private Zoom meeting room which you simply click on at the time and date selected, and BOOM we are brought together thanks to the Internet.
Then all you have to do is prop me up somewhere I can see the upper half of your body and someplace you can hear me clearly, then I have a chat with you subconscious mind whilst you relax … in the comfort of your own home – even in your pyjamas if you wish!
That’s it! It’s just like coming down to Darlo and seeing me face-to-face but you’re laying on your sofa rather than mine!
Skypenosis is a truly POWERFUL way for me, a Master Hypnotherapist, to deliver my HYPNOSIS & MEDITATION sessions EFFECTIVELY beyond the confines of my town … and even my country … for YOUR BENEFIT!
I KNOW how powerful my blended approach of hypnosis, NLP, EFT and meditation IS and the Internet allows me to deliver it to YOU no matter the number of miles or oceans between us physically, so that YOU can OVERCOME the PROBLEMS & ISSUES holding you back from truly living your life!
So, if you were thinking about working with me to gain Badass! Confidence, to reduce your stress & anxiety levels for the long term or to have an amazing journey into a Past Life or connect with your Spirit Guides, KNOW NOW that YOU CAN! …
and you can book the sessions you crave with me here now >>>

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