Hypnosis for Stress … the BEST TOOL for LONG TERM RESULTS!


It’s such a small word BUT it’s one of the biggest issues faced by people around the world.

>>> Did you know that too much stress can lead to a whole host of physical, mental, emotional and behavioural problems …  

issues that can have detrimental LONG TERM effects on you and your wellbeing because stress can potentially KILL you if left unchecked. It’s a major contributing factor in diabetes, heart disease and even, cancer!

Here are a few of the common symptoms of stress for your awareness …

** Depression

** Mood swings

** Low self-esteem

** Problems with concentration

** Difficulty sleeping

** Feelings of edginess

** Loss of sex drive

** Aches and pains

** Upset tummy

** Loss of energy

** Heart palpitations.

… just to name a few!

If you recognise any of them within you it’s time to take control of your stress levels!


Stress affects people in different ways. Some thrive on it, while others find it impossible to cope and it can destroy their life. 

Here in the UK, stress-related illness costs businesses billions of pounds every year because for many people, their job is the number one stressor in their lives. 

Some recent research in the US highlight these scary stats …

… 80% of working people feel stressed because of their job alone.

… 50% admit they need help to cope with stress - that’s NOT including those who are afraid to admit they help … so that figure is probably much higher!

… 75% of people think work is more stressful than back in their parents day.

Now, I have experienced first hand the debilitating effects of NOT looking after yourself and taking steps to reduce your stress levels.

As a result of ignoring my stress I not only experienced extreme anxiety resulting in agoraphobia BUT it also led to panic disorder. A condition that meant I couldn’t do the things that you take for granted, like going to the shop for a pint of milk or getting on a bus.

I lost a year of my life to stress and stress-related mental illness and I DON’T want you to have to go through that … I wouldn’t even wish it upon my darkest enemies!

And you DON’T have to … because you can take control of your stress and anxiety NOW … with Hypnosis, (aka hypnotherapy).

It is one of the MOST POWERFUL SOLUTIONS widely available … and you can get results from the VERY FIRST SESSION!

And unlike medication and counselling, it TREATS THE PROBLEM not just the symptoms!

Is see it all the time (and have experienced it myself) … medication is prescribed and it eases the symptoms, but only for a while … and before you know it, you’re on a higher dose and you can’t live without those daily pills.

That’s NOT the way, really is it?!

You deserve a LONG TERM SOLUTION that gives you your life back … and Hypnosis with me can do that!


But don't just take my word for it! Here’s some SCIENTIFIC PROOF for ya …

… Numerous studies have found that self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy with a trained professional (like me!) and guided hypnosis audios ALL have a positive impact on you stress levels, reducing them significantly and making your life better in all areas.

… a 2017 research review of nine studies looked at the relationship between hypnosis and stress reduction, and found 2/3 the studies showed that hypnosis had a significant impact on stress, helping patients to reduce and more effectively manage stress in their lives.

… a series of studies by the University of Florida found that people who used hypnosis were more able to effectively manage symptoms the physical, emotional and mental symptoms of specific stress, anxiety and pain related to surgery and childbirth 

… and a 2010 research review concluded that there was “compelling evidence that hypnosis is an efficacious treatment” for stress caused by external factors such as work stress or exam stress, as well as anxiety-related disorders which are exacerbated by stress such as IBS or headaches.

Hypnotherapy is such a powerful weapon against stress … 

It’s entirely natural so there are no side-effects AND you won’t get hooked on it, which you can potentially be with meds.

So why is it so good? BECAUSE IT TREATS THE PROBLEM, not the symptoms!

It changes the way you relate & react to stress and the triggers of it for you. 

It provides you with useable techniques to deal with the physical and emotional stressors in your life that you can use in the moment it matters.

And best of all, it puts you back in control of you life … your mind, your body, your wellbeing.

And it’s not even hard to get those amazing results when you come to me (or another trained professional)!

All you’ve gotta do is RELAX & let me REPROGRAM your subconscious mind! (and dont worry, you’ll remember everything I say so you will KNOW I’ve not added some weird and wonderful instructions when you weren’t looking! That’s not good practice and I abide by a strong code of ethics set out by the IAHT).


What happens is this …

1. We have a chat. You fill in a few questionnaires to assess your current stress levels and identify your triggers in a safe and supported environment. 

2. I use that information to create a series of hypnosis sessions with suggestions embedded to counteract these triggers for you. These are the instructions that you brain will absorb and replace your old stress-creating responses with. For instance, if you get really stressed around a specific person, I will create a set of suggestions to release you from that person’s response within you, instead creating a response of love and acceptance instead of annoyance or irritation.

3. To embed these personalised suggestions, I guide you into a deep state of relaxation, or trance as us Hypnotherapist’s like to call it. I use beautiful imagery of mountains, forests and beaches to get you to relax deeply and fully in body and mind so that your conscious mind is kept busy creating those images for you to experience so I can speak to the subconscious mind who’s really running the show from the background. 

And that’s about it! 

You relax and I reprogram … it’s teamwork at its best!

So what do you want to know? Let me see …

You are FULLY AWARE and IN CONTROL at all times … I CANNOT make you do anything you dont want to do AND I won’t make you cluck like a chicken or anything else that you have seen Stage Hypnotists do!

… Hypnotic trance, or deep relaxation, is a COMPLETELY NATURAL STATE OF BEING … one you’ve probably experienced many times before with out realising it … for instance, you’ve probably driven somewhere and zoned out completely but arrived at your destination safely - that’s hypnosis! Your conscious busy mind was switched off and your subconscious mind took over with effective results.

… You will begin to see RESULTS immediately but the biggest results will come between 3 and 6 sessions.

… the results are LONG TERM … not just a plaster on the problem like medication!

… it’s cheaper than drugs in the long run! If the average prescription is £9 and you have a monthly refill, that’s over £100 per year just to take the edge off! NOT TO FIX THE PROBLEM … and you might spend YEARS refilling that prescription! Imagine the cost (just in terms of medication cost, without considering the other costly implications such as unpaid leave you have to take from work or the SSP you’ll get instead!)

OR you can pay £100-£200 and get a LASTING effect with PROVEN STRATEGIES to implement going forward to keep you chilled rather than stressed!

As a fully insured, highly trained Master Hypnotherapist & EFT practitioner, I CAN help you live a stress-free life with ease using my RELAX & REPROGRAM METHOD. I am ready and able to help you to face your stressors head on and create a series of hypnosis sessions to provide you with the long-term effects you crave. It’s all about YOU and your lifestyle and finding a solution that is going to fit that. It’s not a one-size-fits-all response like the meds … it’s personalised, confidential AND TRULY FUCKING POWERFUL … just like you!

To find out more, CLICK HERE.

You deserve a calm and happy life, dont let stress and anxiety take that away from you! Do something about it today. Dont wait until it crushes you completely; nip it in the bud NOW!

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