Children are both resilient and delicate. But just like us adults, they sometimes need a bit of extra support when the going gets tough … and hypnotherapy can provide this quickly and effectively.

Children have so much to handle and contend with from early on, and unlike us as wise adults, they only have minimal coping strategies in place to help them … something I think as adults we forget.

Think about it. Think of all the things you go through before you become an adult … dealing with change such as moving from little school to big school, loss of friends and finding new ones, bullying, violence, criticism, low self-esteem, and handling their own bodies as they rapidly grow in short periods of time.

There are many tasks they have to overcome like making new friends, handling bullies, unfamiliar school work, education, sport and all this time trying to “belong”. Sometimes the comparison to others can make feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem or even depression rise to the surface.

Children, just like adults, show their reaction to stress, change, violence, low self-esteem, grief and loss in many different ways. Their marks in school may begin to drop. The child may become forgetful, distracted, angry, irritable and even violent. They might become accident-prone or have headaches or an upset stomach.

They might start to bite their nails or pull out their hair. Bed-wetting may start happening. Particular health problems like asthma and hay fever may become prevalent. Stammering may become more prominent.

A child may start to dislike school, perhaps having trouble with other pupils or teachers. They might become overly shy or worried about talking in front of the class, be unable to understand a subject or other incidences that cause them to have difficulties with their education.

Other fears that rise to the surface are a fear of the dark, the fear of going to sleep, fear of animals or insects, fear of travelling, a phobia of needles, doctors or dentists, fear of people, etc. You as a parent can offer support and love and a safe place for them, but often it’s not enough to positively change the situation enough to make a lasting impact of the mind and behaviours of the child.

Of course, adults have the same issues, the difference is that they have had them for a shorter period of time. Therefore, the use of hypnotherapy, which works with the use of the imagination, can be even more effective than it is in adults, as a way of changing these responses, provided that the problem is not rooted in the parents or other people who are closely related to the child’s upbringing.

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Hypnotherapy works amazingly well for children & teens.

I can help children and teens to deal with a range issues from school phobia to anxiety & stress, from gaming addiction to increased concentration and focus. With hypnosis, it is also possible to increase their confidence, eliminate  thumb sucking & bed wetting, remove the fear around nightmares, help them to manage their anger & frustration, and reduce separation anxiety. Hypnotherapy can also support children through bereavement, food-related issues and many others. 
Results are usually seen quickly and many parents are amazed at the changes that have taken place after only a few sessions.
I have experience working with kids varying ages, including my own, and have a CTAA Accredited Diploma in Hypnotherapy for Children.
During any hypnotherapy sessions with children, a parent (or guardian) MUST present. For teens aged between 13 and 17, an adult must give permission, however it can be mutually decided between the child and the parent if the parent remains in the room during the session, or waits comfortably in a separate room.

NB. BEFORE I WORK WITH CHILDREN, A CONSULTATION MUST BE ARRANGED FIRST, EITHER IN PERSON OR VIA TELEPHONE/ZOOM. This enables me to know for definite that I can help your child. It allows you as a parent to get to know me as a professional therapist, and it enables the child to get the best results possible. PARENTAL PERMISSION IS ALSO REQUIRED BEFORE ANY WORK OR SESSIONS BEGIN.

My Approach when Working with Children

When discussing hypnosis with children I always make it seem like an adventure, in order to keep them engaged. I like to explain that whilst they will be relaxed in their body, their minds will be awake and conjuring up all manner of wonderful things using their imagination. This settles the child because they know that they are not having something done TO them, instead they are an active participant who is helping me to create the changes they and their parents want to see. This empowers the child and makes the process of hypnosis more effective – and is probably the reason why hypnotherapy in children creates results fast! 
It is very important to note here that the child MUST want to change the problem behaviour or issue too. Hypnosis will NOT work if the child doesn’t want to participate and eliminate the troubles they are trying to handle. This is the same for adults too – I cannot force change as a Hypnotherapist. I can only work with those willing to help me make changes.
By using the active imagination of the child during hypnotherapy, it is relatively easy to reach the subconscious mind within the child. This is done using stories, visualisations, imaginative games and other simple tools that children can grasp with ease.

Children have a great thirst for knowledge, and they enjoy responding to new ideas that are presented to them in a way that they can understand. This openness makes them especially good subjects for hypnotherapy. During hypnotherapy, they become relaxed and focused easily, and are happy to take on ideas that will help them to deal with any problems they are facing, and thus they can make changes more easily.

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Comfort is KEY

It is important your child feels comfortable with me, which is why I like to spend the start and end of each session getting to know the child better and to create rapport which will be vital in delivering an effective hypnotherapy session. For instance, if the child suffers anxiety then I like to share with them that I know how they feel because I too have experienced what it is like to feel anxious and have panic attacks. I use my own experiences to bond with the child and to build trust because for a successful session, we must work together. 

I also allow children to come to my practice space and get a feel for it before their first session – hence why I recommend an in-person initial consultation. It can alleviate the nerves and stress that an unknown place with an unknown person can bring, which can hinder a session’s results.

Parental Support

After the session, I usually spend a few minutes with the parent(s) to give them a brief overview of the session, and for them to share anything they noticed during the session. As part of ALL my sessions with children, I offer support and guidance to the parent(s) so they can build on the changes being made with hypnosis, such as suggestions of actions to take at home or providing an audio or a script the adult can implement before bed in between hypnosis sessions. Email support is available for ALL parents before, during and after hypnotherapy with me.
In my hypnosis sessions, I use affirmations. This is a really simple thing I get adults to try with their children. Affirmations reaffirm the suggestions made in hypnosis and help to perpetuate the changes beyond the hypnosis session. Common affirmations I use focus on being more relaxed, having more energy, feeling confident, feeling happy, liking themselves better, remembering more easily or reading faster. As I said before, children are very suggestible and respond well to this type of therapy, so anything you as a parent can do to support this change work is encouraged.

Is Hypnotherapy the right choice for you and your child?

Only you, the parent, can decide if using hypnotherapy is right for your child and the issues they have. Ultimately all children can benefit but certain conditions can make it very difficult for hypnosis to be effective or a viable treatment option. Just as with adults, those with epilepsy and those with severe learning difficulties will not be suitable for hypnotherapy. If your child has any kind of condition it must be made aware to me during the initial consultation in order to ensure the safety of the child, the parent and the therapist.

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