Are you ready to gain FREEDOM from your ANXIETY once & for all?

To regain control over your mental & emotional states, and begin to LIVE FULLY AGAIN?


I know firsthand how debilitating anxiety can be. I lost a year of my life to anxiety & panic disorder back in 2012 and I hate to think that there are people going through what I did.

And maybe you've lost hope because you've tried everything the doctor said but you still feel trapped. You tried the counselling but it didn't help. The CBT took the edge off for a while but now not so much. And the drugs have worse side effects than the anxiety they're supposed to help.

I get it. I understand.

So let me share with you what worked BIG TIME with me ... Hypnosis.

But before I go any further, I want you to FORGET everything you think you know about hypnosis from what you have seen on the TV ... because it's NOTHING like that!

Hypnosis is simply a state of deep relaxation that switches off your busy conscious mind where you anxieties live and grow, thus allowing access to your subconscious mind, the mind that innately drives you, so it can be reprogrammed with more helpful actions and strategies than the ones you're acting on right now.

This not only provided me with a powerful solution to my anxiety and panic in the moment, it provided long term results where anxiety barely affected me then and even now!

Within 6 sessions, I had become FREE from ANXIETY and I was LIVING LIFE again! It was amazing ... and now I bring this POWERFUL tool for change to YOU!

Are you ready to REDUCE & RELEASE your ANXIETY with ease NOW?

Do you think you can lay back and listen to the sound of my voice for an hour or so?

Because that's ALL you need to do to change your life with me ... Gemma Venn - Master Hypnotherapist & Meditation Leader.

So, how much does it cost to become Anxiety-free? ...

To keep it simple, I have packages for you to choose from based on what you would rate your anxiety levels at right now out of 10 (where 1 is no anxiety & 10 is 'it's ruining my life, I have mega anxiety overload!') ...

** The most popular package for Anxiety Release is £200 for 6x 60min hypnotherapy sessions. This is recommended for those who rate their anxiety levels right now at around 4-7.

** If you only have mild anxiety, those rating their levels at 0-3, you'll benefit best from 3x 60min hypnotherapy sessions at a cost of £100.

** And for those who rate their levels at 8+, I would recommend an intensive course of 12 sessions to create lasting change, at a cost of £400.

Whichever package your choose, you will also receive a set of self-led hypnosis audios to reinforce the changes made so that you can maximise your results even further between our sessions.

(NB. There are payment plans available if required ... email to discuss)

BUT NOT ONLY THAT ... SIGN UP NOW and you'll receive these amazing FREEBIES:

** a PDF copy of my book, Chillout: How to Be Happy & Find your Calm in a Stressful World.

** An anxiety-reducing visualisation you can use anytime and anywhere to immediately reduce your anxiety levels in the moment it occurs.

** Crystals & Oils for Anxiety guide.

BUT I live in Australia ... Canada ... Peru ... can I still Ditch my Anxiety with you?

Of course! Hypnosis is just as effective ONLINE as it is IN-PERSON ... as long as I can see you during the session - most clients either prop their phone up against something or lay their laptop beside them - and you can hear me clearly as you rest in a place where you will not be disturbed by anything or anyone, there is nothing stopping us from making greatness happen around the world! I'm sure it's what the Internet was invented for anyway!

So... are you READY to REDUCE & RELEASE your anxiety with ease NOW ... and finally get your life back?

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This program is fully flexible to your life but it works best with either weekly or fortnightly spaced sessions, using the audios daily in-between (where possible).

What if I don't see a good time for me?

Just drop me an email and let me see what I can do for you! Whilst I always try to accommodate everyone who wishes to work with me, I cannot always guarantee it is possible.

Can I gift this Package to someone for their birthday/Christmas, etc?

Of course! What an amazing gift you'd be giving them! You can buy a gift certificate for this program NOW over in my SHOP >>> CLICK HERE

Got any other questions?

Drop me an email now to and I will get back to you as soon as I can!