What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a highly common condition facing many people in today’s society, it can affect us all in different ways, quite often the person experiencing the anxiety has no idea what has triggered it or why it is persisting in their life.

It is important to recognise that anxiety is normal and it exists due to a set of thought patterns which have existed since the days of our ancestor the cave man.

Anxiety can make a person imagine that things in their life are worse than they really are, and prevent them from confronting their fears. Often they will think they are going mad, or that some psychological imbalance is at the heart of their woes. What is important is the recognition that anxiety is normal and exists due to a set of bodily functions that have existed in us from our cave-man days.

Not to be confused with stress, which is usually brought on by external factors such as work, relationship or money problems and usually only lasts for short periods of times?

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Anxiety & Panic doesn’t have to be permanent … Trust me, I’ve been there myself! You CAN get past it & live a normal life again!

Causes of anxiety

There are many different causes and it’s different for everyone. If you know what’s causing your anxiety, it can make it easier to manage it.

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Some examples of possible causes include:

  • work – feeling pressure at work, unemployment or retirement.
  • family – relationship difficulties, divorce or caring for someone.
  • financial problems – unexpected bills or borrowing money.
  • health – illness, injury or bereavement.
  • difficult past experiences – bullying, abuse or neglect.
  • significant life events – having a baby, buying a home, planning a wedding.

Regular anxiety, fear or panic can also be the main symptom of several health conditions. Do not self-diagnose – speak to a GP if you’re worried about how you’re feeling.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic attacks is an extremely powerful tool. It works by making changes to the subconscious mind and the thought processes that support the anxiety. These outdated thoughts and beliefs are accessed through super-deep relaxation, aka hypnosis, and are replaced with more positive thoughts and beliefs effortlessly. These changes can then be seen in the reduction of the physical, mental and behavioural symptoms of anxiety.

During hypnotherapy sessions, the client reduces the anxiety levels surrounding situations and experiences that have made then feel anxious in the past. They may also imagine similar future situations to reinforce the changes made of not feeling anxious.

It’s not always clear what causes a person’s anxiety, however it usually stems from a particular event where your safety was threatened. Your subconscious mind is a primitive aspect of you which has one job – to keep you safe – and if you have experienced something that you have perceived as life-threatening in some way, then your subconscious will create strategies to keep you out of similar situations. Ultimately, anxiety is learned, so therefore it can be UNLEARNED … and that is what Hypnosis enables me to do for you.

To Book Hypnotherapy to Alleviate your Anxiety and Panic, or to Schedule a no-obligation 20min FREE consultation, go to http://wisewomanwellness.appointedd.com