You came here because you are looking for an Easy Way to make Positive Changes in your Life … am I right?

Great, well you have come to the RIGHT PLACE because I have the perfect solution to your biggest blocks right now

Lack of confidence;

Too much stress;

High anxiety levels;

Broken Sleep;

Emotional Fears … of success, failure, uncertainty, change, judgement … etc;

All of these things STOP you from GROWTH … Personally & Spiritually!

But if YOU are COMMITTED to Making Positive Changes in your life NOW,

I CAN HELP YOU … quickly & easily … in person or online …

 With my bespoke Relax & Reprogram Method

… a blended approach grounded in Hypnosis & Guided Meditation, with the added benefits of NLP and EFT.


Hi, I’m Gemma Venn, and I am a Fully-Insured Master Hypnotherapist, Meditation Leader & EFT Practitioner … just to name a few!

And I’m on a MISSION to change the perception of HYPNOSIS and bring it into the MAINSTREAM as a POWERFUL TOOL for LONG TERM CHANGE … It changed MY life and now I want to use it to HELP YOU TOO.

Hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind that we have lost touch with thanks to this busy 24/7 world! We’ve forgotten how to RELAX with EASE because, like our phones, our minds are always ON … always chattering and nattering AND IT’S CAUSING YOU PROBLEMS!

You’re stressed, anxious, fearful, unconfident, unfulfilled and sleep-deprived.

BUT you don’t have to be!

With my blended approach of HYPNOSIS, NLP & EFT you can drift off into a super-deep relaxation to the sound of my voice whilst I have a word with your subconscious mind … reprogramming it with empowering beliefs so that you can wake up & live a better life IMMEDIATELY!

It’s SO simple!! You just put your feet up, close your eyes & relax AND afterwards, enjoy the mindset shifts you’ve tried & failed to make many times before … that’s why I call it my RELAX & REPROGRAM METHOD OF EASY POSITIVE LIFE CHANGE!

By the way, I DO NOT OFFER anything for WEIGHTLOSS or SMOKING CESSATION … you just need to pick up one of Paul McKenna’s books for that!

What my Client says …

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What my Client says …


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